Digital Identity Management
With SecureID From MasterSAM

Comprehensive & Secure Platform
For Digital Identity Management

In today’s digital-driven ecosystem, everyone has not one but multiple digital identities. It allows organizations,
services and applications to identify people based on their profile, credentials, data or behaviors recorded in
their Digital ID.

As the number of people, devices, platforms, applications, services, etc., continue to grow, it becomes critical
for businesses to manage the complete identity lifecycle, whether it is your employees, associates / partners,
vendors or customers to ensure that the right service or access is provided. This requires a dynamic,
comprehensive digital identity platform designed to provide uncompromised security, privacy and compliance,
and to support exceptional experiences.

SecureID, the Digital Identity Management Platform from MasterSAM, derives credentials from physical ID
documents such as passport, residence permit, labor card, corporate ID, social card, pension ID, student ID,
insurance ID, loyalty card, firm arm card, license card, etc., in a mobile device.

It helps to store this data securely in a digital format, creating the digital identity for each person, for easy
validation / verification. It uses Multifactor Authentication to provide additional security, including features such
as ID scan, face scan or biometrics. You can also create mobile e-signature to e-sign transactions or

Why Is Digital Identity & Its Security
Important For Your Business?

Digital Identity helps to provide simple and secure access, easy sign-up for services, personalized content, etc., that helps to increase engagement, drive revenue and improve satisfaction. By building strong and secure digital identities, you not only get an accurate and complete view of your employees / customers / associates, but also ensure trust and privacy.

Malicious software, hackers, online fraud, and user errors, all pose a danger to the digital identification data that you collect or store. Hence, it is absolutely crucial for businesses to invest in data encryption and hashing, limit access to sensitive data, require safer authentication and ensure compliance regulation.

For businesses that collect or store customer data, security is vital to winning & maintaining trust. Protection of user identity and their data, which includes their interaction with applications, products and services are now more important than ever as we live in a hyperconnected world.

Core Modules in SecureID
Digital Identity Management Platform


Mobile IDs as the extension to Physical IDs


Mobile registration with IDs and Face - Scan your ID, Scan your face, Validation of data & enrolment


Multifactor PKI-based Authentication - Login, Create secure access key, Authenticate yourself with additional verification factors


Mobile e-Signature - Login, Create a secure signing key, e-Sign transactions or documents with verification code

Features & Benefits

Purpose-built to seamlessly manage identities across all your digital channels, SecureID Digital Identity
Management Platform helps you to provide a safe and secure digital experience for all your stakeholders. Its
key features and benefits for your business are:

Role-based Provisioning

Allows you to create & manage roles assigned to users, and assign / remove entitlements & resources

Flexible Data Management

Provides option to categorize / define data based on different attributes, objects, relations, etc

Password Management

Encrypted passwords to ensure optimum security & privacy

Identity Management

Supports management of multiple identities and ensures high availability

User Management

Monitors logins / registrations, audits events, and manages constantly changing digital relationships through intuitive admin UI & dashboards

Comprehensive RESTful Interface

Provides an API for managing all core functions of admin, sync & reconciliation

Examples for Digital ID use cases

your identity

  • Security check to board inland flights
  • Security check by the police
  • Reissue of the lost physical ID card
  • Transaction confirmation in the bank
  • Hotel check-ins
  • Postal services
  • Peer-to-peer services / apartment rent
  • Access to education / exam

your age

  • Enter a bar, club or restaurant
  • Access to 18+ goods and services
  • Unattended travel
  • Peer-to-peer services / online dating
  • Job application
  • Medicine purchase

your right

  • Covid-19 travel test
  • Retail and service discounts
  • Driver's license
  • Social benefits
  • Free-of-charge access to services
  • Municipal benefits
  • Voting

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