Security Right Up To
The Endpoint

Benefit from remote manageability at the endpoint / edge with features to remotely discover, repair, and help protect networked computing assets to support a mobile workforce. Create consistency and automation in data management by implementing effective controls, transparent procedures, and real-time monitoring. Protect confidential business information using environments that incorporate security features into every layer with an easy cost-efficient system no matter your business size.

Value Differentiators

  • Reduces Trusted Computer Base (TCB) to the smallest possible footprint
  • Prevents memory tampering, and attack against memory images in RAM
  • Captures every user activity with continuous visibility and real-time transmission to a centralized log repository server that allows real-time remote monitoring and playback
  • Tightens security with the least privilege principal and stringent, granular, access controls
  • Can customize the solution based on specific business needs and size

Key Benefits For Your Business

  • Helps maintain a high level of security, even for small institutions, in a simple and cost-efficient manner
  • Can publish mass policies with immediate enforcement in just one click
  • Leverage from agentless deployment for PAM, which allows for easy set-up and minimal maintenance
  • Automates privilege assignment and demotion according to the authorized duration
  • Detects and reports dormant accounts and services
  • Provides an intuitive, holistic, graphical compliance dashboard with detailed breakdowns
  • Supports network drive mapping and shared folder integrity checks
  • Uses a single, centralized management console for both host and gateway deployment models
  • Distributes super user privilege on organization’s servers and restricts access as needed
  • Can also secure IoT with privileged access management, customizable policy and configurable rule engine
  • Reduces operation overloads with holistic features like a centralized log repository to enable real time user session replay and review capabilities for comprehensive reporting

Case Study

  • The problem: This bank did not have a centralized integration / management of privileged accounts and passwords which jeopardized their data security and integrated IOT devices. Their existing monitoring systems could not provide visibility on who, when and what was being accessed or modified, indicating lack of added layers of security.
  • The solution: To better manage Edge devices, they migrated existing software to MasterSAM SIA USAM platform and incorporated the VariA MFA solution for extra layer of security.
  • The results: After implementing the USAM solution, this bank had a fully compliant IT and Edge security platform as well as greater visibility to thwart potential cyber-attacks.

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