Secure your Privileged Accounts
with PAM Solutions

Privileged Access Management (PAM) - For Your Enterprise

Organizations seeking to mitigate the risk of data breaches and insider threats, which are often associated with stolen, compromised or misused privileged credentials, resort to Privileged Access Management (PAM) tools. Increasingly, regulatory and compliance standards require, explicitly or implicitly, the implementation of PAM controls over privileged users within an IT enterprise. The absence or inadequacy of such controls often result in failed audits and eventually culpable in business disruptions following an unnoticed cyber-attack.

Key Features of PAM Solutions From MasterSAM

Deployment & Scalability

While PAM tools can deliver value much quicker than Identity Governance and Access (IGA) tools, ensuring comprehensive coverage of privileged accounts requires meticulous planning and can be time-consuming. MasterSAM PAM supports agent and agentless deployment via a distributed and centralized secure access management methodology respectively. To ensure further flexibility, MasterSAM PAM can also be deployed as a hybrid method. We support on-premises, appliance mode, virtual appliance mode and SaaS deployments. This is facilitated by active integration to other third-party hybrid environments. Due to improved compatibility for various deployment mechanisms, MasterSAM PAM is easily scalable, allowing large-scale deployments or securing new devices and platform technologies. What is also particularly appealing to customers is the low impact on the existing architecture that is, the deployment can be done with minimal changes to your existing IT architecture.

JIT PAM Methods

MasterSAM PAM facilitates Just-in-Time PAM functionality with its ability to dynamically provide time-limited access to privileged accounts. Organizations that have a formal IT change management process and use tools for tracking and approving changes can integrate this with our PAM tool so that Privilege Elevation & Delegation Management (PEDM) functionalities can be done through on-demand privilege escalations. This JIT approach is particularly attractive for a user environment where they perform certain typical pre-defined type of activities. With MasterSAM PAM, you can also dynamically add and remove users from Active Directory (AD) groups and enable on-demand access for SaaS control.

Account Discovery & Onboarding

MasterSAM PAM has discovery capabilities for privileged accounts running on Windows and Unix/Linux systems. For most organizations, Manual onboarding (or running an one-time discovery tool) in lieu of continuous, automated discovery and onboarding processes helps in achieving basic PAM Maturity level. Additionally, MasterSAM PAM allows privileged users to run command line interface tool for scripting various automation needs for example, automating onboarding and removing of new accounts. There is also comprehensive connector builder support to cater to the needs of your IT environment.

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