Multi-Factor Authentication
Service Platform (MFASP)

Providing Additional Layer Of Authentication
That Acts As A Formidable Line Of Defense
Against Unauthorized System Access

The VariA Multi-Factor Authentication Service Platform (MFASP) from MasterSAM is a standalone multi-factor
authentication that provides an extra layer of authentication in addition to your existing authentication system.

Only one instance of MFASP is required to serve multiple channels in your organization. Once registered, your
end users have the choice to log in with SMS One Time Password (OTP), Time-based OTP (TOTP), Push
Notifications and QR code. Availability of the Push Notification and QR code option is subject to configuration of
MFASP to allow inbound and outbound traffic to the Internet.

An Android or iOS mobile application secured with biometric or PIN can be issued to end users, simplifying
their management of multiple credentials. It is a more cost-effective solution compared to hardware tokens.
With QR code, end users can enjoy instant login without the need to key in anything.

Integration of existing channels to VariA is made easy through secure RESTful web service calls. A single
platform removes the complexity of various implementations for the same functionality. Future upgrades would
be available to all channels, without the need to engage various vendors and stakeholders to perform system

MFASP works on a centralized management model, making it easy for channels and end users to be
on-boarded or subsequently off-boarded. With a single action, an end user’s access to multiple channels can
be revoked. Management and monitoring can be performed by one dedicated group, with the help of
informative dashboards and audit logs.

Key Objectives Of VariA MFASP

To satisfy regulatory

To secure authentication
& transactions

To reduce IT cost of managing
multiple MFA solutions

Core Capabilities


Time-based OTP

Push Notification

QR Code

RADIUS Protocol

The Challenges Addressed By VariA MFA

  • Identity theft
  • Weak passwords
  • Sharing passwords
  • Too many credentials to remember
  • Risk on public computers
  • Transaction security
  • Too many silo implementations to solve same problem
  • Regulatory compliance

Key Benefits For Your Business

Additional layer of security
for systems across your enterprise

Only single instance of MFA
required to serve multiple channels

Central management model to easily
onboard / off-board channels & end-users

Any future technology updates in MFA
need to be upgraded only in one platform

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