OptiTalk By Zietra


Using Conversational AI & Virtual Assistants
To Help Businesses Interact / Engage More Effectively

In a time and era where Hey Siri, Ok Google and Alexa have become part of our everyday lives, always at our
beck and command, Conversational AI or Intelligent Virtual Assistants are now fast transforming the business
world by enabling automation and driving productivity.

OptiTalk, the Conversational AI bots or Intelligent Virtual Assistants designed & programmed by Zietra, helps
businesses in various areas including Cognitive Customer Support, Query Handling, Issue Resolution,
Shopping Assistance, HR Interviewing and more. The capabilities & usage of virtual assistants are expanding
rapidly, paving the way for automation and optimization.

How It Works

OptiTalk is a software agent / bot that can perform tasks or services based on commands or questions. These Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) or Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPA) can be programmed to efficiently handle all primary communication, queries or problem resolutions.

OptiTalk can interpret human speech / text message and respond via synthesized voices / chat response messages. With in-built features such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing & Deep Learning, our bots get better with time and are able to analyze, predict and go a step further in providing virtual assistance akin to human response, and in real-time.

This Is How The OptiTalk IVA Works

Automatic Speech

Natural Language

Speech Synthesis & Speech
to Text

OptiTalk Delivery of

Text to Speech

Natural Language

OptiTalk Applications

Customer Support
/ Interaction

& Sales

Interviews /

Query / Issue

FAQ / Help /

  • OptiTalk can be integrated to assist in customer interactions and provide 24x7 customer support
  • Live chatbots / IVA can be placed on websites, ecommerce platforms or CRM applications to provide client support
  • Can provide contextual virtual assistance for cognitive issue resolution and assisted buying
  • Our Interview bots can replicate human-led interviews, along with automated scoring and recording of session for playback / review
  • OptiTalk can also be programmed to schedule meetings & appointments, make calls, set reminders, make to-do lists, take notes / type messages, read emails / news, search for information / facts, etc.

An automated online assistant
can produce at least 30% decrease
in workload,
as per a recent report

Key Benefits For Your Business

OptiTalk Virtual Assistants help to save time by automation of routine / repetitive tasks; also resulting in a
significant decrease in human resource costs. The key benefits include:

Easy API


Multiple User

Reduces Cost
& Time



What It Means For Your Business

  • Use of Contextual Virtual Assistants in lending Customer Support, leads to a considerable decrease in hold-time & issue resolution
  • OptiTalk can be programmed with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, which makes it easier for accurate recording & understanding of complaints / queries
  • It helps to provide quick responses and can be made available 24x7, to make your business more accessible and also enhance the overall customer experience
  • Employees can concentrate more on strategic deliverables rather than daily trouble shooting
  • Customer’s complaint history can help with enabling process improvements and subsequent increase in customer stickiness
  • IVA can also be programmed to create or follow-up on sales leads and streamline processes
  • With our Interview bots, the entire Interview process can be automated, from scheduling to first level interviews to scoring & shortlisting – also enabling to conduct multiple interviews simultaneously, across geographies

To get your OptiTalk tool or to know more on how Zietra can help with customized AI
solutions for your business, get in touch with us.

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